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Could you give me some advice on how to avoid cultural shock when traveling Tibet

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Tibetans are religious people and most of them follow Buddhism. Thus visitors may find that their customs and practices differ from that of countries they come from. Although Tibetans are easy to get along with in China, it is still very important for visitors to obey some their customs and practice, which shows your respect to them.

1.    Do not photograph local people without permission.

2.    For avoiding troubles and conflict, visitors would better not talk sensitive issues like politics and religion.

3.    Take your hat off when entering a chapel.
4.    Do not take photos in prayer meetings and in some larger monastery. You may need to pay a small fee for the privilege of taking a photo.

5.    It is prohibited to touch and remove anything on altars.

6.    It is not allowed to wear short shirts and shorts and smoke in monasteries.

7.    Visitors would better not eat horses’ meat and donkeys’ meat and dogs’ meat in Tibet.

8.    Keep in mind that you should always walk monasteries, piles of stones, pagodas and other religious buildings in a clockwise direction.

9.    Never touch Tibetan People on the head.

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