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What about passengers with special needs

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If you have special medical, physical or other relevant needs such as wheelchair characteristics, you must ask your travel advisor in writing at the time of booking if the ship can provide appropriate assistance or not. Over the years, cruise lines have improved their facilities so that travelers who are wheelchair-bound or otherwise physically challenged can enjoy a cruise as fully as possible. Handicapped staterooms on ships for special needs are often "converted" ones from regular-sized cabins for the physically challenged. On some ships, narrow corridors, lips on the doorways, steps in public area are unavoidable. Ships cruising along the Yangtze River may inevitably docks in some of the rural area like small towns or villages, where elevator and cable cars are not always available. Wheelchair access may be limited and even impossible, so we recommend that passengers with special needs travel with a companion who can provide required assistance. Before booking your cruise, ask your travel advisor to check the accessibility of the ship's public areas and cabin amenities.

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