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From Beijing to Shanghai (via Pingyao, Xian, Suzhou, and Hangzhou)

Date: 10/25/2011 3:12:00 PM by Dirkster Tags: chinese gardens hiking Chinese Culture food

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I am planning to travel from Beijing to Shanghai (via Pingyao, Xian, Suzhou, and Hangzhou) and I am expecting to see a diverse chinese culture, landscape, and nature as it can only be seen in the time of three weeks. More details will follow soon...

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Language barriers when eating out

Date: 7/25/2011 10:36:00 PM by clairejoey Tags: Food McDonalds Language barriers eating out shanghai

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I arrived in Shanghai late in the evening and was absolutely starving.  The hotel's restaurant was closed and the only thing open in the area was the McDonalds down the road.  As I approached the counter I realised that none the staff were likely to understand a word of english.  I wasn't too fussed about what I got as long as it wasn't some wierd Chinese version o

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Dream in the ancient capital of Kaifeng

Date: 5/28/2011 9:14:00 PM by lyre Tags: Food beauty history


I study in Zhengzhou city,and most of my classmates are Henan people , in a word, I get a lot of information about Kaifeng city from my classmates and want more and more to step inside the ancient capital.

Sophomore year, I finaly have a chance to visit Kaifeng. I travel there with three people, two  are my senior frends, one is my frends' boyfrend.

The first step

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Trip to the world of spicy food

Date: 4/13/2011 12:09:00 AM by xshe Tags: Food

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Cheng Du is an unforgettable place for its spicy food.

When I frist went there, I was a college newly-grad who was teaching English in Korea. My trip to China was quick yet memorable. What I loved most about Cheng Du was definitely its spicy food. Unlike Korea, where the food is often sweet and spicy, the dishes in Cheng Du were more flavorful and saltier, with many spices that I ha

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Enjoying Food in Hongkong

Date: 3/14/2008 2:15:00 AM by john Tags: Hongkong Food

Hongkong Food

With favourite condition, Hong Kong is an indeed Delicacy Heaven which combines together the kernels of eastern and western foods and gathers together all delicious food from every corner of the world. Both Western food and Chinese food here are authentic, and almost all featured dishes from every country can be found here except some Islamic food. With Canton food as its main stream, the Chine

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