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Beijing to Kathmandu. A lifetime trip

Date: 8/15/2011 4:41:00 AM by Chexpir Tags: Beijing Lhasa Tibet wall Forbidden City

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Once upon a time, a lonely traveller wanted to discover the highest mountains of the world. hE would need a train ticket to do it, if not, he couldn't write the story. So he is promissing to write a wonderful story of its trip, but he really does need to get the train ticket from Beijing to Lhasa to get his story going on! And for doing that he needs CT points!

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A trip to volunteer with migrant children in Beijing

Date: 7/9/2011 5:23:00 AM by tprmarshall Tags: Forbidden City

Migrant Village, Beijing.

 It feels at once both terribly adventurous and risibly mundane, this journey which awaits us. Everything about modern travel seems to emphasise how far removed we are from the Phileas Foggs of the world. Online booking, mobile check in, air conditioned hotel rooms and the wonderful sounding 'soft sleepers' on the train. And yet, when contemplating the journey there is still a hint of its

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An Awe -Some Journey

Date: 5/30/2011 12:23:00 AM by trails Tags: China Beijing Forbidden City Great Wall of China

The Imperial splendour

Beijing 2009: China has been around centuries with travelers flocking by land or sea to its boundaries and writing about its art, culture, architectur

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My Unforgettable Day in the Forbidden City

Date: 4/28/2008 10:10:00 PM by lavender0108 Tags: Forbidden City

Zhong He Hall

The sky is blue today. Compared to the frequent overcast weather in Beijing, it is really a fine day for a tour. After having our breakfast with the local specialty- Chairman Mao's Red-Braised Pork, we are going on our way.

Our destination today is the Forbidden City, or the Imperial Palace. To enter the Forbidden City, we should pass the Tian'anmen Gate,where Chairmen Mao announced the

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