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Xia An Trip on 24thSep11-2ndOct11

Date: 10/28/2011 3:56:00 AM by sweeyuen3 Tags: Xia An travel Terracotta Armies Huangshan

It's look reaaly great which Xia An Trip on 24thSep11-2ndOct11.


Taste a nice travel per Xia An travel, Terracotta Armies, Huangshan. :)

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Hiking Huangshan

Date: 8/16/2011 1:09:00 PM by aesetholephews Tags: Huangshan hiking Anhui

lian hua feng


This past weekend we took a trip to An Hui province to see 黄山 (Yellow Mountain).  Truth be told,

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Huangshan - The mountains are calling

Date: 8/3/2011 3:21:00 PM by daniel88 Tags: Hiking Yellow Mountains Huangshan mountains Anhui Trekking photographing apes mystic china

no photos

uring summer 2010 I visited the fascinating Huangshan (Yellow mountains)  together with some friends of mine. Huangshan is a mountain formation located in Anhui province and is real famous for the fascinating landscape they provide. What does fascinating landscape mean? Several huge mountains with a very sharp outline and impressive forests which are located between

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Expedition to Huangshan and Surrounds

Date: 5/7/2011 9:36:00 AM by choonbee Tags: Huangshan Anhui Tunxi

no photos

I marvelled at the travel photos of Huangshan in the internet and wondering why no one has told me about this enchanting place in China. There's so much talk about Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Guilin, and many other popular cities, but none of my friends, relatives or colleagues mention about Huangshan.

While planning a trip to Shanghai, I accidentally chanced upon a travel phot

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