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The real chinese train trip

Date: 6/11/2011 9:05:00 PM by SantiagoMoreno Tags: Train china Hangzhou Shenzhen

no photos

 Ok first of all, I am Colombian my first language is Spanish and I know a bit of English but I apologize for any grammatical or orthographical mistake that you can find he

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Train tickets to Lhasa

Date: 6/8/2011 9:29:00 PM by mattstek Tags: Train

Tibet scenery

We had great trouble finding somebody who could book me a ticket independently (we were in Guangdong province - and tried calling Beijing) as all the agents wanted to offer a fully inclusive tour for between 5,000-7,000 Yuan.  Finally we found an agent in Chengdu, www.dreams-travel.com, who could book the ticket and our Tibet pass very efficiently.  They also run the very good We

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I love china

Date: 11/29/2010 5:43:00 AM by connermcaleese Tags: Wurumqi Qitai train

no photos

The bus there took four hours and left at 6 30. Luckily i had Cujo to get me through it becuase A) i went on my own B) my God it would have been boring. 

When i got there i had to get a taxi to teh bustsop and THEN sit on another bus for 40 minutes, pssshhht :D 

Lorna and Briony's house is really nice even though i dont liek the wallpaper it

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24 Hours in Zhejiang Province

Date: 9/29/2008 8:57:00 AM by meganeaves Tags: Zhejiang hollywood China film set bored Train Hangzhou

Film set directions

Having a rare common weekend off, my American friend and I opted to travel to a place we'd heard a lot about. Hengdian is supposedly the Hollywood of China, and we even went so far as to check out the website. In true Chinese form, it was impossible to maneuver with a lot o

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