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Having Fun in Xian

Date: 4/28/2011 9:58:00 PM by Adventure Tags: travel Xi'an


I traveled to Xi’an with my friends last year, spending several days there, which was my first trip to Xian. My friends told me that Xian is one of China’s seven ancient capitals in Shaanxi Province and in China and it’s also the biggest city in the northwest of China, with a mild climate, beautiful scenery, abundant products, and numerous historical relics and sites. Thus, we

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It’s Johnny Rockets Meets the Cultural Revolution!

Date: 4/19/2011 12:57:00 PM by davidroyster Tags: travel

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May 7th:
Early mornings no longer bother me. I rarely eat breakfast but since I got up so early I decided to head to the café and grabs some food.
We learned that duos would be performing skits of the Chinese sentences we learned, I was with Connie, a really funny rising senior who has awesome work ethic. We practiced nonstop in class and even

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My Travel to Mainland China

Date: 4/2/2011 2:18:00 AM by korla Tags: China travel


Last year, in the beginning of April, on my days off, I decided to travel somewhere to relax myself from the hard work. However, I couldn’t make up my mind where to travel. I phoned my friends for advice and she suggested that she had been to mainland China during this period last year when there was a grand peony festival in Luoyang City of mainland China. Due to the comfortable weather,

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Singapore is Soaring

Date: 3/19/2011 11:56:00 PM by firespin Tags: travel singapore travel chinese holiday



In 2012, Singapore was announced to be third in the world behind Las Vegas for casino revenue, which was 5.85 billion US dollars. Ove

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Be a Free Man in Sanya

Date: 7/1/2009 10:38:00 PM by shyoto Tags: Sanya Hainan travel

Be a free man in Sanya

After the sincere recommendation and persuasion of many friends, I finally decided to pay a visit to Sanya, a seashore city in Hainan Province. However, my actual purpose was to find a large and free place for me to breathe some fresh air, so that the sadness and pressure in this big city can be temporarily alleviated. And the friends around me kept saying that "Sanya is the best", so

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