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Shanghai Train Schedules

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There are 6 stations in Shanghai. Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station are three major train stations in Shanghai. So, it is advisable to make sure which train station you want to depart from or arrive at.

Most trains from north of Yangtze River arrive at Shanghai Railway Station while most trains from south of Yangtze River arrive at Shanghai South Railway Station. Most long-haul non-high-speed trains to the North and South of China depart from either Shanghai Railway Station or the Shanghai South Railway Station. Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, with 1,300,000 square meters, is the largest railway station in Asia. Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station mainly serves as the Shanghai terminus of several high-speed rail lines.

Train No. Arrival City Dep. Time - Arr. Time Distance (KM) Prices
1462 Beijing 12:28 - 10:40 1463 KM Hard Seat:US$25
Hard Sleeper:US$45
2001 Fuzhou 12:42 - 10:35 1302 KM Hard Seat:US$23
Hard Sleeper:US$42
Soft Sleeper:US$67
2002 Nanjing(JiangSu) 11:30 - 08:32 1302 KM Hard Seat:US$23
Hard Sleeper:US$42
Soft Sleeper:US$67
4310 Shanghai 12:25 - 17:56 2185 KM Hard Seat:US$34
Hard Sleeper:US$60
Soft Sleeper:US$97

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