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Ancient Town of Datong

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The Ancient Town of Datong is in the west of Chishui City, with convenient traffic lines to Chongqing, Wuhan and Shanghai. In ancient China, it was a strategic point and a commercial center. Lots of heritages have been preserved till today, including the guild halls, elite housing, spectacular mansions, ancestral temples of rich families and survival sacrifice constructions. Together with the mountains, forests and water there, they compose a wonderful humanism ecologic environment, reflecting the historical appearance of the autarky eras.


There are lots of ancient constructions dating from the Ming and Qing dynasties including the ancient streets, yards, wells, residences, temples, guild halls, stone steles and memorial gateways. Most of them were built at the foot of mountains, with front hall, main hall, back hall and wooden house projecting over the water. All of the constructions have been well-proportioned with carved beams and painted rafters. Countless articles and handwritings on the ancient stone steles and gateways have been preserved. For its generous culture deposits, western people call it “a history written by stone”. The folk residences were well-ordered, with the ancient streets as their longitudinal axis and the lateral axis. From the constructions of figures, colors, materials to their golden sections, perspectivity effect and intersperse, traditional architecture art could be seen everywhere.


There are about 1000 ethnic festivals in Guizhou Province, all of which are full of various celebration activities including singing, dancing, reed-pipe wind instrument playing, copper drum beating, bullfight, horse racing, birdfighting, wrestling, dragon lantern playing, dragon boat race, and traditional opera playing. Miao and Bouyei are the main minorities in Guizhou.

Local Flavor Specialties

There are Wujiang fish, cured meat fried with rolling over ears, egg custard, Nanbai yellow cake, Shangji Skin of soya-bean milk, Yaxi beam jelly, mutton noodles, bean curd pudding noodles…

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