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Chishui Danxia Landform Park

Last updated by joyce at 2015/11/4

Danxia Landform is a unique landform of the Red Supracrustal Sequences in the south of China, developed by the gradual ascending motion of the earth crust, the changes of the stratum’s bedding joints and the swash of rain and rivers. Chishui is world- famous for its Danxia landform over 1000 square kilometers in the geosphereses of the Jurassic Period and Cretaceous Period.

The red cliffs, eminent peaks, fancy stones, huge caves, green forests, plunging waterfalls and flowing springs enhance each other’s beauty, which makes tourists indulge in pleasures. Among them, the most unique and popular attractions are the Red Cliff in Jinshagou, the Glossy Ganoderma over thousands of years in Xiangxi Lake, the Bridge for celestial beings in Sidonggou, the Bing’an Tiansheng Bridge, the Red Cliff in Tiantai Mountain, the marvelous spectacle of Mountain Shiding, the Revolving Rock in Fuxing, Danxia Valley in Changqiangou, Ten-Caves of Danxia, Gangou Gorge in Jinshagou.

After rain, comes fair sunshine. The red stratum looks more gorgeous. Red stratum, green forests, silver waterfalls and clear springs compose a beautiful picture, which makes people feel completely relaxed and happy. Professor Huang Jin, the geography department director of Zhongshan University, who is very professional on Danxia landform, did an on-the-spot investigation in Chishui and got a conclusion that the Danxia landform area in Chishui City is the largest and most marvelous of other Danxia landform areas in China.

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