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Jurassic Period Park of China

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The Jurassic Period Natural Reserve, located 40km away from Chishui City and contiguous to the Chitong Highway and the Chishui River is in the transitional zone of Guizhou Plateau and Sichuan Basin with an elevation between 290 and 1730 meters. The annual average temperature is 17.7 ℃, annual precipitation is between 1200 and11300 mm and humidity rate is more than 84%. This is the only ecological nature reserve of the Jurassic period.

There are three scenic spots for tourists, they are Gangou, Dashuigou and Liangchahe, and the total acreage is 38 square kilometers. The living fossil Alsophila spinulosa is the main attraction of the area, with the theme of returning to the nature and experiencing the remote antiquity.

In October 2000, the National Tourism Administration approved the establishment of the park in the National Alsophila Spinulosa Protection Area, and named the park “Jurassic Period Park of China”, emerging the primitive appearance of the earth before 20 million years.

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