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The Shizhangdong Waterfalls

Last updated by david at 2015/11/6

The Shizhangdong Waterfall-group is located 38km southeastern of Chishui, which is a national landscape and famous scenery. The scenic spot is made up of waterfalls, sea of bamboos and Danxia landform. Shizhangdong is hailed “the town with thousands of waterfalls” and “the best scenery of Danxia landform”. Huge broad-leaved forests and lots of rare animals like tigers, pards, bears, macaques and antelopes are the main sceneries there. Alsophila spinulosa, which are called “the living fossil”, could be seen everywhere in this area. The drop height of the water is 192m at the 3.5km downstream section of the river, thus the spectacular waterfalls formed. The Shizhangdong waterfall is 60 meters wide and 70 meters high, falling into a semicircular pool with thunder.

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