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The Yanziyan Forest Park is located 20km west of Chishui (Ticket: 25RMB), which is also an important national scenic area , bordering on the famous Shizhangdong Scenic Spot.

Now, the area opened to public is only 5 square meters and the percentage of land-covered forests is 100%. Various woody plants, herbaceous plants, bryophytes, lianas, and the green board-leaved primary forest are all full of vigor there. The Yanziyan Forest Park is divided into two parts——the southern park and the northern park. In the southern park, the rare plant Alsophila spinulosa, which are hailed “living fossil” are abundant here in luxuriantly green. The park has been known as “the Kingdom of Alsophila spinulosa”, where twin Alsophila spinulosa, sister Alsophila spinulosa, dinosaur Alsophila spinulosa, two-branches and three- branches Alsophila spinulosa could be seen everywhere.

In the northern park, you could see a prosperous ecosystem and spectacular scenery of primary forest. A group of waterfalls, including Rhinoceros playing waterfall, twin-sister waterfall, Yanziyan waterfall and Liantai waterfall are well-distributed. Various birds twittering, macaques haunting, the whole scenery is beyond words. Some professors and tourists hailed the north park as “Five-Color Garden” for it has five wonders——forests, springs, waterfalls, Danxia landscape and birds.

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