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Chishui Travel Guide

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Chishui Overview

Chishui City is located in the northwest of Guizhou, 400km away from Guiyang City. It is known as “the north gate of Guizhou Province” since it borders on three towns of Sichuan Province. Chishui City is only 70km from Luzhou and 240km from Chongqing so that it is in the radius of two tourist areas——the Chengdu-Leshan Mountain-Zigong tourist zone and Chongqing-Three Gorges of Changjiang River tourist zone. It is also contiguous to the Hejiang Fubao Forest Park of Sichuan and the Jiangjin Simianshan National landscape of Chongqing. To the south, you could arrive at the Maotai (the most famous Chinese wine) and Zunyi tourist areas.

The Chishui Scenic Area is planned to cover 328 square kilometers, including seven scenic spots——Shizhangdong Cave, Sidonggou Ravine, Mountain Tiantai, Bing’an (the Moon Pavilion), Seven-Mile Dam (Yuelianghu), Nine-Tortuosity Lake——and 18 independent attractions. Waterfalls, Bamboos, Alsophila spinulosa, Danxia landform, primeval forest are the specialties there. With cultural heritages of the Long March period, the whole scenic area combines popularization of science, ecology and culture together. The percentage of land-covered forests reaches 54.2% in the city and 90% in the scenic spots. The broad-leaved forest is the most well-preserved one of the same latitude in the world.