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Apricot Blossom Village

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The Apricot Blossom Village in the past has got apricot trees for hundreds of acres with colorful flowers blooming. In addition, there was a Mr.Huang tavern, which was very quiet and elegant with thick wine flavor flying for hundreds of miles. The great poet, Du Mu, who was the chief executive of Chizhou at that time, wrote down a poem on it, which became the legacy inherited by one generation after another. The poem said: “The rain pours down heavily at the time of Pure Bright Festival, and the pedestrians are about to lose their reasons. I asked for the tavern where I can take a sip of wine, and the cowboy replied by pointing at the Apricot Blossom Village far away.” From then on, Apricot Blossom Village became a long-known prestigious village. The History of Chizhou described Apricot Blossom Village like this: “ There was at one time a Mr.Huang’s Tavern and was abolished later. The remaining part of it was taken as the agricultural fields on which the Chinese characters “Mr.Huang GuangRunquan” were calved. At the time of Tianqi, Ming dynasty and Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qing dynasty, the construction work were done successively in the area. The prestige of the liquor of the Apricot Blossom Village never waned with the time going by. The ancient well was still kept well with clear and cool water, which was called by folk people as “as fragrant as liquor and you can always pump it without worrying about the draining.” At present, “Apricot Blossom Village Liquor” is still the famous liquor on the market.

Ten-mile Apricot Blossom Village has 12 scenic spots since ancient times: the coming of spring, the lotus wind of Baipu, the drizzles of Xixiang, the tea wheat waves, the sunset of Santai, the cloud and moon above pine trees, Mr Huang’s tavern, the iron Buddhist Houses, the Zhaoming study, the fishermen’s songs of Duwu, the red maple trees of Sangtuo, the morning snow of Meizhou. You can appreciate one resort by just moving one step. They are all fascinating.

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you can take No.2, 3 or 5 buses

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all day around

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