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Guichi Tower

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There are two towers beside the city of Chizhou. One of them is called Baiyashan Tower and the other is Qingxi Tower. Both towers stand opposite to each other soaring into the air as if they were guards of Chizhou. Baiyashan Tower is located at the east end of Baiya Mountain in the northeast of Chizhou. It is one kilometer far from the city. In the seventeenth year of Jiangjing, Ming dynasty (1358), the governor of Chizhou raised funds to build it. It is six-angle attic style tower with 7 floors and a height of 34.30 meters. The bottom perimeter is 20.98meters with the diameter of 6.68 meters. There are vault doors and windows in every floor with niches and Buddhist figures sculpted on the walls of tower. There are brick steps paved inside the tower, and you can wind your steps to the top floor. Originally, there had been some affiliated buildings like temples and pavilions etc., but now they are nonexistent. However, the tower body still stands by arrogantly, making a world of difference to Baiya Mountain. Qingxi Tower is also called Miaoyin Tower that is located on Xiaqingxi Hill in the northeast of Chizhou, five kilometers from the city. It was initially built in the 29th year of Wanli, Ming dynasty (1607) with seven floors and eight angles and as high as 56meters. Later it was destroyed due to natural disaster and artificial activities. In 1982, the government donated a sum of money to repair it, which enabled the ancient tower to stand stately and straightly once again. The green water of Qingxi river glitters for it.

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you can get to Hefei, Tongling, Anqing, and Nanjing by train then transfer to Guichi Tower by bus.

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8:00-23:00 from Mon. to Fri. 9:00-22:00 at weekends

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