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Shitai Penglai Fairy Cave

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The cave is over 3000meters long with a total area of more than 20,000 square kilometers. It is divided into four layers that are the Cave Cracking the Sky, the Middle Cave, the Earth Cave, the Underground River. There are over10 resorts such as Guest-ushering Hall, the Long Corridor of sea-searching, Tongming Palace, Mixian Palace, Yuchan Palace, the Milky Way Long Corridor, Yaochi, the South Sea, the Chaoyin Palace and Seeing Guest off Hall. The Middle Caves pervade the delicate stalactite groups. “Yaochi of Wangmu ”(the mother of emperor of Heaven) is the best scenic spot of the whole cave. In 1987, the vice-chairperson of CPPCC, the president of the Buddhist Association of China, Mr.Zhaopuchu has ever inscribed for Penglai Fairy Cave pleasantly.

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you can take the buses to Shitai county at Guichi Bus Station, which is 99 kilometers far away. Also, you can arrive at Shitai from Qimen, Huangshan city directly.

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all day around

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