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The land-transportation in Chongqing is composed of 210,212,313,319,321 etc.national lines and a lot of arterial roads. These roads have formed dense land-transportation net. 17 province-crossed highways of them connecting Yunnan province, Guangxi province, Sichuan province, Hunan province, Guangdong province and Shanxi Province form the highway net radiating in all directions. The mileage opening to traffic in Chongqing province is 8,400 kilometers.


There are many bus stations which are different in size, such as Chongqing Bus Station, Shaping Dam District Bus Station (Chongqing), Chongqing Bus Northern Station, Chongqing Port Yingbin Bus Station, Liberation Monument Long-distance Bus Station, Triumphal Road Long-distance Bus Station, Nanping Bus Western Station, Chenjiaping Bus Station,etc.

Chongqing Bus Station

Chongqing Bus Station is located near the Railway Station. It’s the passenger terminal – junction of the Cheng-yu highway. Every day, many buses set off to Chengdu, luzhou, Neijiang, yibin, Zigong,Nanchong, Langzhong, Shuining, Bazhong, Yuechi, Fushun, Leshan, Guangaan, Dazhu, Dazu, Changning, Gongxian, Rongxian, Daxian, Guangyuan, Hechuan, Meishan, Lezhi, Chishui, Nanchuan, Jiangyou,Wuxi,etc. 

consulting telephone: 023-63873196

Shaping Dam District Bus Station (Chongqing)

Shaping Dam District Bus Station is next to Chongqing Railway Northern Station. Every day, many buses set off to Nanchong, Quxian, Guangan, Nanchuan, Shehong, Yibin, Luzhou, Lezhou,etc.

Consulting telephone: 023-65347803

Chongqing Bus Northern Station

Chongqing Bus Northern Station is located in the Red Flag River Ditch. Every day, many buses set off to Cizhu, Dasheng,Nanchong, Wanzhou Leqing,Jiulong,Baiyan, Shuining, Daxian, Zhongxian, Kaijiang, Gaozui,Dawan, Liangcha, Neijiang, etc.

Consulting telephone: 023-67853898

Chongqing Port Yingbin Bus Station

Every day, many buses set off to Yibin, Nanchong, Zigong, Luzhou, Linshui, Tongjiang, Liangping, Wanzhou, Tongnan, Tongliang, Dianjiang, Pengshui, Qianjiang, Changshou, Fushun, Dazu, Mianyang, etc.

Address: Outside the Chaoyang Gate, Chongqing

Consulting telephone: 023-63736778

Liberation Monument Long-distance Bus Station

Every day, many buses set off to Chengdu, Qianjiang, Wansheng, Nanchong, Xishui, Zigong, Daguan, Beibei, Yubei District.

Address: the Youth Road, Chongqing

Consulting telephone: 023-63873196

Triumphal Road Long-distance Bus Station

Every day, many buses set off to Zigong, Yibin, Leshan, Qianjiang, Bishan, Shuangqiao, Dazu, Luzhou, Hechuan, Tongguanyi, Xipeng,Jiangjin, Simian Mountain.

Address: the Triumphal Road, the east of the Jiaochangkou,Chongqing

Consulting telephone: 023-63830388

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