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Detian Waterfall

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One of the most amazing sights within China is the Detian Waterfall. This is situated in Beihai, Guangxi and its view is something that is totally unforgettable. This is known not just all over in China but also in the entirety of Asia and the world.

Interestingly, since this is situated in between China and Vietnam, it is considered as an attraction that is shared by both. Hence, there is a wide mix of tourists who go to this place, some originate from China while others are from Vietnam.

The main sections of the Detian Waterfall are awe-inspiring. To make the surroundings even more captivating, the horizon is also decorated by other nearby attractions which are already situated in nearby places like Thailand and Vietnam.

Things to Do

Walking Towards the Top

The walk towards the top of the Detian Waterfall may require some effort but it is all worth it. Since the Detian Waterfall is frequented by a lot of tourists every year, there are already designated trails which visitors could take. The paths have been slightly cleared so that passing through would not be so difficult. Yet, the surroundings still have rich greens because of the myriad of plants and flowers which grow around the place.

Detian Waterfall

Detian Waterfall

Different Sections

The Detian Waterfall can be divided into two different sections. The main waterfall is named as the Detian Waterfall. This section is situated mostly on the Chinese part in terms of geography. On the other hand, there is also the second part of this tourist destination which is called as the Ban Gioc Waterfall or Banyue Waterfall. This is found in between Vietnam and China.

For people who will be visiting the Detian Waterfall, they can notice three main tiers because of the rock formation. Hence, the water which comes from the top of the falls cascades downward with so much grace. This is accompanied by the boisterous but pleasing noise of the water. During summer months, the waterfalls do not really dry up but the amount of flowing water is reduced. On rainy months, the Detian Waterfall can really give powerful downpour of water which is such a captivating sight.

Because of the intricacy of the walls which are formed by rocks, the beauty of this attraction can be overpowering. It is not just a linear water formation. It looks more like a merging of several smaller waterfalls to form one major tourist attraction.

Even if there are different sections of the Detian Waterfall, people do not need to hop from China to Vietnam just to be able to see the full view. Without leaving China, people can already enjoy the spectacular view of the falls.

Boat Ride Along the Lake

As the water falls from the steep rocks, it forms a basin of fresh and clear pool. For people who would not want to climb up the top of the falls, exploring the areas which surround the lake is also a good idea.

There are wooden boats which can be found lining up along the lake. These are owned by some of the locals who offer rides for visitors. The boats are very interesting because they look like rafts with installed benches. Some also have a canopy so that the passengers would be protected from the sun and rain. The boat ride could take the visitors a bit closer to the main waterfalls area. This can also take tourists to the entire stretch of the lake so they will be able to see the beauty of the surrounding areas.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Daxin County, under the jurisdiction of Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

More than 40 kilometers of its southern border is considered as a part of Vietnam.

How to Get There?

Take the scheduled busses from Nanning which goes to Daxin and leaves every 20 minutes.

Ticket Price:

80 CNY

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

It is best to wear comfortable clothes and some extra shirt and pants when exploring the Detian Waterfall.

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