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Chongzuo Travel Guide

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Chongzuo Overview

Chongzuo, located in the southwest of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,    occupies an area of 17.345 square kilometers with a population of around 2.274.000 and among them 89.13 percent are of the Zhuang Nationality.  Chongzuo is a prefecture-level city which has the highest rate of Zhuang people. On this splendid and magical land, there are 500 natural scenic spots in which you can find rare animals, precious trees, and primitive ecology and so on. Nanguo Pass Sightseeing in Chongzuo city is one of five key local tour lines and along the line, there are many scenic spots. Guilong Leaning Tower is one of the eight leaning towers in the world. Stone Forest and Nongguan Ecological Park are rare animal reserves of white-headed langurs in the world. Longrui-Nonggang National Nature Reserve, one of the 14 essential areas, has the international land-biodiversity across Longzhou and Ninming. The Huashan Mountain Frescos is a 4A national scenic area. The Detian Transnational Falls and the Mingshi Scenic Resort in Daxin are the first in Asia and second in the world. Youyi (Friendship) Pass in Pingxiang is one of the nine famous passes in China. Besides, there are also some ancient and mysterious historic sites such as Battlegrounds of Wars against France, the Great Wall of Southern China, the Ancient Battery, the Mass Burial Ground in Qing Dynasty, the Former French Consulate, Chenyong’s Martyr Ancestral Temple, the Memorial Hall to Eighth Red Army, Huzhiming’s Footmark.

City of Chongzuo

City of Chongzuo

City code: 0771

Administrative Division: Under its jurisdiction, there are one district (Jiangzhou District), 5 counties (Fusui County, Ninming County, Longzhou County, Daxin County, Tiandeng County) and Pingxiang City.

Post code: 532200