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There are Army-Civilian Joint Shared Airport in Ninming and Wuxu International Airport which is 40 minutes drive to Chongzuo City and just 30 minutes drive to the nearest Fusui County.

National railway between Nanning and Friendship Pass crosses Fusui County, Daxin County, Tiandeng County, Ninming County, Longzhou County, Pingxiang County.  And it is linked with Vietnam Railway in Pingxiang Friendship Pass. Therefore, people and goods can directly reach the capital of Vietnam, and it joins together with the countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Expressway, between Nanning and Friendship Pass, together with No.322 national highway runs through the whole area. Furthermore, there are second-level highways from county to county, and city to city. It is about one-hour drive from Chongzuo to five counties (Fusui County, Daxin County, Tiandeng County, Ninming County, Longzhou County, Pingxiang County) ), and just only one-hour drive to Nanning City, and about 180 kilometers to high-level highway leading to the sea in Fangchenggang. Expressway between Chongzuo City and Friendship Pass is linked with No.1 Highway of Vietnam.

Through the golden waterway of the Zuo River, people and goods can reach Guangzhou and Hongkong. The nearest sea port Fangchenggang is only 170 kms away from Chongzuo.


Buses, operated by the branch of Bianmin Bus Company, are yellow middle buses. If you take this bus, please ask the driver or assistant for information before you get on. The ticket price is 1 Yuan.


The initial price for the first 2 kilometers is 2 Yuan, RMB0.7/0.5KM after the first 2 kilometers.

Complaint telephone: 0711-7832532

Fuisui Bus Station: Address: Nanmi Road, Xinning Town, Fuisui County

Telephone: 0711-7531408

Ningming Bus Station: Address: Dehua Road, Chongzhong Town, Ninming County

Telephone: 0711-8624530

Pingxiang Bus Station: Address: Beida Road, Pingxiang City

Telephone: 0711-8526736

Longzhou County Bus Station: Address: Chengbei Road, Longzhou Town, Longzhou County

Telephone: 0711-8824988

Daxin County Bus Station: Address: Minsheng Street, Taocheng Town, Daxin County

Telephone: 0711-3630560

Telephone to Charter cars: 0711-3620026

Tiandeng County Bus Station: Address: Chengnan Street, Tiandeng Town, Tiandeng County

Telephone: 0711-3521105/3521087

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