Banguo Soil Forest

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The Banguo Soil Forest is the largest in the Yuanmon soil forest area and is spread over an area of about 14 sq k. Banguo Soil Forest is situated in the township of Pingtian and is 18 km from the Yuanmon County and located close to the Shahe River.

The forest represents the aged residual hills within the soil forest which have the average height of 3 meters to 8 meters. The highest location in the forest is around 12 meters.

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Banguo Soil Forest cover an area of 14 sq km and is considered to be the largest and most significant areas in the Yuanmon soil forests. In the Banguo Soil Forest, the mounds of clay are shaped bizarrely in columns and rocks. The mountains here are rich in minerals like the agate plate which reflects light beautiful. The earth forest therefore is sparkling with glaring light as if the hills are studded with thousands of gems.

The Landscape

Banguo Soil Forest is well known for its bizarre landscape. The landscape is distributed mainly on both side of the tributary and Great Sandy Qing with different order, density and shapes. The heights of the hills is around 5 meters to 15 meters and the highest peak is at 16.8 meters in height. These hills or columns of earth are shaped like a city of castles.

The Main Tourist Route

The earth hills in Banguo Soil Forest are distributed very sparsely. Individual hills here are well developed while groups of hills are not very common to find. The main tourist route in this area is along the River Shahe and is around 3800 meters in length. There are over 20 branches for visitors to explore. In the Banguo Soil Forest, the ground is covered with grey, fine and thick sand which also makes it a suitable location for playing sports.

The Creation of the Forest

The Banguo Soil Forest was created due to soil erosion and geological movements around two million years ago. The shapes in the forest look like immense forests. The main component here is earth, which is why it is named as the earth forest. Along with the Kunming Stone Forest and the Luliang Colorful Sand Forest, the Banguo Soil Forest is called Yunnan’s Three Forests. The entire landscape in Banguo Soil Forest are mainly column, curtain, screen and castle. The shapes are very grand and majestic and they look like animals and people when observed closely.

The Distinctive Features of the Forest

The Banguo Soil Forest is a very splendid earth forest in the country and was formed due to soil erosion and geological movement. It is named so due to the shapes of the immense forest as well as its composition. The landscape of the forest has been distributed between the Tiger Leaping Beach, Bangguo and Xinhua. In this area, the forest has its own distinctive features. Some areas are spectacular and grand, others are scraped and sharp while other areas have different shapes like Yuanmon Man, Roman Catholic Church, tiger or a walking lion.

Banguo Soil Forest is located in the Autonomous Prefecture of Chuxiong Yi which is located between the Erhai Lake of Dali and Kunming’s Dianchi Lake. It is a very important hub with access to Kunwan Road, Guangda Railway and Chengkun Railway.

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Pingtian Township, 18 km from Yuangmon County

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It costs RMB 8 Yuan to go from the long-distance bus station in the town to Xinhua. If you hire a minibus for a package tour it will be 60 Yuan.

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