Fossils of Lufeng dinosaurs

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Since 1938, dinosaur fossils have been found constantly in Lufeng. 24 genuses of 33 species and hundred of complete dinosaur fossils have been unearthed, which were considered as one of the most origin and age-old vertebrates fossils in an internal shape around the world.

Lufeng dinosaur is well known to the world as the fossils of dinosaurs of 1.8 billion years ago were excavated here. Mainly they are classified as three types: the carnivorous, the herbivorous and the polyphagias. Among those some are very famous, such as Lufengosaur huenei, Jinshanosaur, Lufeng magnus, Rukousaur, Massospondylus, Dilophosaur and so on. The fossils specimens were kept well in the dinosaur museum. The Lufeng dinosaur is of high research value in the study of paleontology even in the world.

Lufengosaur existed around 1.8 million years ago. One of its representatives is called the Archaeornithomimus, while another is called Tatisaurus which is a typical one in goose shape. Saurischia with Lukousaur and Lufengosaur are their models. Recently after investigating the environment, some researchers said in the Lufeng Street, a few vestiges of stars dashing are found in the regions where most dinosaurs existed.

Lufeng dinosaur museum:There are the hall of ancient living beings, the hall of bronze ware and earthenware, and the hall of ancient pithecanthropus, where photos and diagrams of dinosaur fossils from all over of the world are also exhibited.


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How to Get There?
Coaches from Panjiawan bus station in Kunming go to Lufeng, with RMB 10 Yuan for the ticket. The dinosaur fossils is about 4 kms from Lufeng county, and there are regular bus arrive there, with RMB 2 for the ticket.

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Opening Hours:
7:00 am –9:00 pm

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1.It is a famous museum, having a good collection of the most integral and age-old fossils specimens, the visitors can not only entertain but also learn a lot here. 2.Recommended time for a visit: 2 hours

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