Huafo Mountain in Mouding County

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Huafo Mountain is one of the famous mountains with Buddhists congregation in the midst of Yunnan. The scenic area includes the Huafo Mountain, Qingfeng Reservoir, Tuanjieba Orchard, and the total area is 30 square kilometer. The mountain stands there like a powerful lion, facing the east, striding forward with his chin up. That is the why the mountain is named after lion.

Up in the mountain, visitors can enjoy themselves in the forest of nature. Bamboos and plants of various shapes can be seen here and there; winding paths lead you up the hill and there are streams going down from the mountain top. Temples and pagodas are seen from a distance up in the mountain too.  

In the northeast scenic area: There are a lot of temples in the area, including the Jiaye Temple, the White Clouds Valley, the Snow Mountain Temple, and so on. Other spots are the Ancient Flower Garden, the Wulong Pool and the Xianxing Forest.

In the middle of the scenic area: In this area, visitor may have a good view of the plants and flowers in the mountain. Scenic spots include the Nine-fold Spring, the Dantan Forest, the Pagoda Groups, Qingding Temple, Baohua Forest, Raoding Temple, Yuangong Nunnery, Hill of Indian azalea, and Hill of Cherry. The oldest camellia here in the mountain is about 200 years of age, which is still in good blossom every year.

In the southwest of the scenic area: In this part of the scenic area, visitor may focus the attention on different shapes of rocks and stones. Up on the cliff, visitors may have the feeling of standing in the fairy land.

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It costs about RMB15 to take a taxi from Mouding to Huafo Mountain.

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1."Huafo" means "evolving into Buddha" in Chinese. On January 1st of each year, religious people of young and old put on their best clothes, climb up the mountain to the temple to burn joss sticks and worship the god they believe in, praying for good fortune in the following year. 2.Recommended time for a visit:4 hours

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