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Wuding Mt. Lion

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Mt. Lion is about 88 kilometers away from Kunming. It covers an area of 7800 Mu, and it is 12 kilometers from the east to the west and 8 kilometers from the north to the south. The prominent peak is 2419.8 meters above sea level. The average temperature of the year is 13.2°C,which means it is not too cold in winter and not too hot in summer. The scenic area is made up of the mountain, the lake and the large groove of bamboos. Visitors can find a lot of cultural relics and historic sites up the mountain. The folk traditions of the local residents are peculiar too.      

Mt. Lion rang lies from the north to the south, which is comparative the Wumeng Mountain nearby. The slope goes down from the south to the north, and there are beetling cliffs around the mountain top. Looking at the mountain from the right side, it is grand and very impressive. There are more than 36 scenic spots in the area, including the ancient temples, the suspending cliffs, and the forest. Most of the buildings are taking advantage of the mountain range, which is in harmony with the nature.

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How to Get There?
If you take a bus from the Kunming long distance bus station, the 100 kilometers distance will cost you RMB15. If you go from Chuxiong to Wuding, it will be RMB20. The minibus from Wuding to Mt. Lion costs RMB10.

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1.Every year from mid March to early May, the Peony Follower Festival is held here. The 40 thousands colorful Peony plants in the garden send forth aroma into the air, offering a warm welcome to every visitors here. 2.Recommended time for a visit:5 hours

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