Xinhua Soil Forest

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It is located 33 kilometers west of the Yuanmon County in the Xinhua Township, about 15 kilometers away from the Banguo Soil Forest, covering an aea of 8 square kilometers. The soil hills here are dense and grand, with all kinds of shapes especially the conical ones. These hills are well developed and the average height is about 8-25 meters. The highest part can reach 42.8 meters.

Color of the Xinhua soil forest is very rich. For example, the top of the soil hills are usually amaranth while the middle part are grey and the bottom are yellow. Looking from the distance, you will feel as if you are walking into some magnificent palaces. Walking among the soil hills you will feel as if you are touring through a beautiful gallery. A horseback ride through this landscape is highly recommended, for although the color of the rocks is monotonous, the sharp angles and shapes create strong shadowy contrasts, very good for photography. Hares and wild birds are seen here and there in the forest too.

The vegetation of the soil hills here are good too. Several small water reservoirs can be found around the Forest and there are winding brooks going through the hills too. Sometimes wild birds, hares and other small animals can be seen. It is a good place to enjoy the nature.

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How to Get There?
Road from Yuanmon to Xinhua is the simple countryside path. So it is quite dusty in the dry season and muddy in the rainy days. A regular bus goes from the Yuanmon County to Xinhua Township at 8:30 everyday, which charges RMB 12 Yuan a person. Because of the poor road condition it usually takes about 4-5 hours to finish the 32-kilometer journey. A minibus package tour will cost abut RMB 120 Yuan.

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1、The best time to visit the soil forest is from November to the following March as the weather will be warm and dry here. If it is rainy, the road will be too muddy and cause problems. In April to May, when it is hot and dry, the sunny days offer great opportunities for photography. From June to October, it often rains here and the soil hills are soft and weak, which is not good news for the visitors. 2、It is extremely important to take a compass to locate the directions in the soil forest. Make certain obvious marks at the parting of the ways so that you may have a way to look back. Banguo and Xinhua Soil Forest belong to the depopulated area, in which there are no residents. So, you had better keep in a group and do not go out all alone. If you are lost in the soil forest, walk from the narrow parts to the wider ones, and it will be easier for you to find the main path. 3、It is quite dangerous to climb up the soil hills especially during the rainy season. Even when it is dry, visitors should choose these hills with slow slopes and go up from the places of shrubs and bushes. 4、It is recommended that visitors may tour the soil forest either in the morning or late in the afternoon since the temperature of the soil may rise high at noon. Sometimes temperature in a day may differ 10—15℃.It is extremely hot at noon and relative cool and comfortable in the morning and late in the afternoon. 5、Visitors had better take on long boots since there are too many soft fine sands on the ground.

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