Zixi Mountain

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With the altitude of 2000 meters, Zixi Mountain is considered as "the first mountain in the central part of Yunnan" since ancient times. It is considered to be the holy land for Buddhism even when it was in the Song Dynasty. There are thousands kind of plants, many kinds of animals and Buddhist buildings. Records say many famous historical hierarches had been cultivated them here. In the Ming and Qing Dynasty, Zixi became a famous Buddhism place. Today, there are 68 relics of Buddhism temples and 21 Buddhism towers remained here. The environment is quiet and the scenery picturesque too, with the green pine forest stretch to horizon, and red azalea decorated in it, limpid streamlets running through the mountain.

Plant There are more than 202 species of higher plants in 65 genus and over 107 species of animals. Actually, it’s a world of plants and animals.

Camellia: The Zixi Mountain also abounds with camellia. According to the research, there were more than 60 camellia plants in the area which are believed to be cultivated 200 years ago in the mountain. The history of the cultivation, the variety of the species and the enrichment of the color of the camellia here are the second to none in Yunnan. There’s a saying: Camellia in Yunnan exceeds all in China, and camellia in Zixi exceeds all in Yunnan.

Torch Festival There is a saying here says that if you don’t dance during the torch festival, it will remain a great pity in your life. From here we can figure out the importance of the local torch festival. Besides the open fire party, an activity name “carry bride” is also very interesting. 10 girls are chosen from the crowd to be the brides and covered with traditional red head shawls. 10 young men are also chosen from the crowds to be the bridegrooms. Then the brides and the grooms are asked to dance together for some time. Then, the brides are placed in a different order and the grooms are asked to find their original brides. Those who find out the correct one may carry her away. And those who fail to find the right one will be fined to make performance in public with their face covering with inks.    

Origin of famous flowers in Yunnan provinceOf the eight most famous flowers in Yunnan Province (namely camellia, orchid, azalea, yulan, gentian, yingchun and green plush fungus), seven can find their origin here in Zixi Mountain.

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Minibuses go form Chuxiong to Zixi every 30 minutes at the Hongqi Hotel and it is very convenient for the visitors. Tourist facilities are well developed in the Zixi Mountain area. You can spend about RMB 80 staying here for a day and a night. Communication will not be a problem since the telecom signals cover all the mountain areas here.

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All day

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1.One of the wonders in Zixi Mountain is the camellia cultivated more than 1000 years ago, which is believed to be the oldest one in China. It is called Tongzhimian, meaning “face of the child”, as two colors of flowers will bloom, first red, then white 2.Recommended time for a visit:A day and a night to enjoy the wild life

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