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Huangfushan National Forest Park

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With an altitude of 399.2 meters, the scenic spot covers a total area of 53,273 Mu, of which 96% is dominated by the forests. The year 1992 has witnessed its approval to be State Forest Park at Huangpu Mountain by the National Forestry Department. It is characterized as a resort in eastern Anhui Province with fine ecology and rich natural views. Between April and July, you can take excellent photos with a batch of egrets.

Because Southern Tang General Named Huangfu Hui once stationed troops in Huangfu Mountain, Huangfu Mountain was called the North General in ancient times. It is known in Anhui Province for its beautiful mountains and rivers, and also known in the east of Anhui Province for its combination of natural resources and human sites.

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Take a bus to Daliu in Chuzhou Bus Station, and then transfer to another bus for Quting or Huangfu. The whole journey is 65 kilometers. But you must pay attention to the roads’ bad condition after having passing Daliu. You can also find buses to Huangfu in Chuzhou Bus Station. However, the number of runs of buses is relatively less, namely, there are only two runs every morning.

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