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Chuzhou Travel Guide

Last updated by elysees at 2015/11/30

Chuzhou Overview

As a city in Anhui Province, Chuzhou City is made up of two cities at county level, four counties and two districts, which are Tianchang and Mingguang Cities, Quanjiao, Lai’an, Dingyuan and Fengyang Counties, and Langya and Nanjiao Districts.

Chuzhou is a city with rich resources. It is abundant with rice, wheat, cotton, peanuts, flue-cured tobacco, and is also teemed with famous and precious freshwater products like whitebaits, crabs and soft-shelled turtles. With picturesque scenery and cultural attractions, it is plentiful in tourism resources, among which Langya Mountain, Jiushan Cave, Shenshan Temple State-level Forest Park are beautiful scenes; Huangfu Mountain Nature Reserve is the kingdom of birds; Langya Temple is a well-known Buddhist temple; the Old Drunkard’s Pavilion, known for the essay the Old Drunkard’s Pavilion written by Ouyang Hsiu in Song Dynasty, ranks the first among the four greatest pavilions in China; Zhongdu City and Imperial Mausoleum, built in the reign of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang in Ming Dynasty, are extraordinarily dignified; Wu Jingzi Memorial Hall in honor of the author of the novel the Scholars,is elegant and solemn; and Underground Limestone Cave in Jiushan Mountain is considered as the first in the northern area to the Yangtze River.

Local code: 0550

Post code: 239000

Regionalism: Langya and Nanqiao Districts, Tianchang and Mingguang Cities, Lai’an, Quanjiao, Dingyuan and Fengyang Counties.