Gantong Temple

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Gantong Temple, also widely known as Dangshan Temple, is locates southern foot of Shenying Peak of Cangshan Mountain. Built during Han Dynasty and rebuilt in Ming Dynasty, Gantong Temple is still well-preserved. The temple was praised as “The No. 1 Temple in SouthwestChina”.

The Legend of Gantong Temple

In the 17th year of Hongwu Emperor era (CE1384), a respected abbot of Gantong Temple named Wuji made a pilgrimage to the capital, Nanjing City. Wuji sent a white horse, a kind of camellia to the emperor as gifts. The white horse suddenly yelled and the camellia began to bloom when Wuji sent these gifts to Emperor Hongwu.

Emperor Hongwu thought it was a good omen. Then Emperor Hongwu appointed Wuji as director of Buddhism of Dali City, Yunnan Province. From then on, Gantong Temple was very popular among people and was widely praised as “The No. 1 Temple in SouthwestChina”.

What to Do

Taking a hike to Gantong Temple is a nice choice. Travelers can enjoy a really tranquil scene and breathe the fresh air on the way to the temple. A kind of camellia named Gantong Tea there is specially aromatic and is worth drinking. Travelers can pluck tea from tea gardens.

The temple is surrounded by mountains and rivers that making it a good place to escape from the noise of city life and enjoy a wild world. People always kneel down in front of the statue in the temple and pray for luck, which believing their wishes can come true.

Taking a rope-way, travelers can visit Cangshan Mountain, and enjoy the beauty of Erhai Lake and Dali Ancient City, Three Pagodas. This experience will make travelers feel like they are flying through a wonderland.

How to Get There

It is located very close to Dali Ancient City. Take bus or traditional carriage can easily access there.

Nearby Attractions

There are some picturesque scenic spots like Erhai Lake and Zhoucheng Town. Erhai Lake is a popular destination for local and international travelers alike. And Zhoucheng Town is a town with many square-cut houses and has the largest population of Bai nationality.

Solo Adventure Tips:


on the southern slope of Shengying Peak in the Cangshan Mountains, five kilometers south of the ancient city of Dali

How to Get There?

There are many minibuses from Dali to Gantong Temple.

Ticket Price:


Opening Hours:

all day

More Tips:

Suggested visiting hours: 1.5 hours

Nearby Attractions:

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