Jizu Mountain

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Intro to the scenic spot:

Jizu Mountain is one of the Buddhist Holy Lands in southwest China. It is said that Wiseman Jiaye, the eldest disciple of Sakyamuni, had once stayed here. Its main peak, Tianzhu Peak, is as high as 3240 meters. The most famous sights here include the gatherings on the Lingshan Mountain, Zhusheng Temple, Huideng Temple and Jingding Temple. Climb up the Mountain, you can enjoy the "Four Wonders on Jizu Mountain": the sunrise, colourful clouds, Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake, and Yulong Mountain (the Western Mountain).

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How to Get There?
you can take minicars in the city proper of Dali to the county town of Bingzhou.

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More Tips:
Tips: 1) there are minicars in the county town of Bingzhou to Jizu Mountain. The price is 10 yuan per person. 2) climbing up to the mountain top is one of the hardest experiences of touring Jizu Mountain. If you are not strong enough, you can take the cable cars at Huideng Temple. The cable cars will take you straight to the Jingding Temple. That will cost you 21 yuan per person for one way. 3) you can find accommodation in Zhusheng Temple, Huideng Temple and Jingding Temple. The price is 10-20 yuan per person.

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