Dalian Forest Zoo

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Located in a pleasant mountainous environment in the south end of the city of Dalian, Forest Zoo covers an area of 7.2 square kilometers. Built in 1997 it has already gone through some renovation and extra structures have been added over the years in order to house new animal facilities.

With more than 1,000 animals of 130 different species (among which some rare or endangered) this zoo is a perfect place for an educational walk for children, or even adults. A cable car that connects the eastern and western side of the zoo offers some great views from above. Animals can be spotted both in cages and running free in a peculiar type of safari.

Things to do

Forest Zoo is divided into different zones including 4 thematic units: Kangaroo Park, Primate Park, Rainforest Dome and Backyard Area.

Kangaroo Park occupies an area of 7,000 square meters including toilets, a restaurant and a souvenir shop. It houses a vast variety of Australian animals including several types of kangaroo, such as the grey, the red and the white kangaroo. Greenery, artificial waterfalls and kangaroo sculptures create a pleasant environment for both animals and humans.

Primate Park, which covers 12,000 square meters, is divided into three sections: indoors viewing section, outdoors viewing section and leisure section. Indoors viewing section includes 26 cages and is an ideal solution for when the weather does not allow an outdoors stroll. Primate Park is the house of several different types of primate, such as baboons, chimps and the rare golden monkeys. Toilets and a souvenir shop are available inside.

Rainforest Dome was built in 2000 and occupies 10,000 square meters. It is a 24 meter high futuristic structure that stocks 15,000 plants of 400 species. It is divided into four subsections: “Tropical forest” which covers an area of 2,300 square meters and houses hundreds of colorful tropical flowers and plants; “orchard” which exhibits various eatable plants and trees; “desert landscape” which imitates the hard conditions in desert and mostly houses cactuses; “between man and nature”, an exhibition that shows how humans interact with the environment and includes several different types of bamboo and a bamboo house, various species of parrots (some of whom talk), artificial streams and waterfalls and more.

Backyard Area carries facilities like children’s playground and care center, toilets, food kiosks and an open area for resting. A padding zoo with farm animals, such as ducks, chicken etc., is available and the zoo is planning on creating an animal nursery so that visitors will be able to view the birth and nurturing process.

Except from the above the zoo houses hundreds of other animals: ferocious predators like lions, tigers (including the rare Siberian tiger) and cougars, bears that would do amazing tricks for a snack, giraffes and zebras, polar animals and much more. Elephants perform a show that requires an extra fee. And last but not least the famous lazy Chinese panda bear! An extra treat is the small and cute red panda bears that you will have to pass through to reach their cousin, the Grand panda bear.

Solo Adventure Tips:


No.60 Yingchun Road, Nanshidao Street, Xigang District, Dalian

How to Get There?

Take buses 4, 404, 702, 706 and get of at South Stone Thistle stop.
Take buses 525, 529,715 and get off at Forest Zoo stop.
Take buses 5, 541, 702 and get off at Silver Beach stop

Ticket Price:

Combination passes: 120 Yuan for adults, 60 Yuan for children
Elephant show ticket: 50 Yuan per person
Children with height less than 1.20 meters enter for free

Opening Hours:

8.30am to 4.30pm in winter time
7.30am to 5pm in summer time

More Tips:

Official website: www.dlzoo.com (Chinese only)

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