Dagu Mountain

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Dagushan Mountain is surrounded on the west by the Dayang Tributary, on the east by the Shuangcha Tributary and on the south by the Huanhai Tributary with Zhangdao Island, Ludao Island and Little Island at its far sides to keep it accompany. The majestic grandeur of the mountain is set off against the vast spread of the seas.

Dagushan tourist attractions are made up of three sections: the Ancient Building Complex, the little Island attractions and the Daludao Island attractions. The Ancient Building Complex resides on the middle-side of the Dagushan Mountain. It covers an area of 5000 square kilometers and boasts 104 palaces and temple buildings, pavilions and towers. Construction works on the Dagushan Mountain started in Tang Dynasty. The ancient buildings we see now were mostly built during the Qing Dynasty when the art of brick carving were at its peak of development.

The Little Island attraction spot is about fifteen kilometers away from the urban town of Gushan. It consists of 14 islands of various sizes and isles, of which six larger islands are linked by ten embankments with accesses to motor vehicle roads. On the south of the Little Island is a natural bathing resort with stunning beaches and a beautiful coastline. The sea around the Little Island is abounding with marine produces. Prawn breeding is the star attraction here.

Dugudao Island, which is deep in the Huanghai Tibutary, is 4 kilometers in length, 1.5 kilometers in width and has an area of 6 kilometers. Not far from the Daludao Island is the site of Sino-Japanese War of 1897-1895. Daludao Island can be accessed by waterways from the Gushan town and the Little Island. Dagushan Temple Fair falls on April 18 on the Chinese lunar calendar when tourists can gain some insights into the local customs and folk cultures.

Drinking in the vast views on top of the Dagushan Mountain, you are sure to be impressed by the vast stretch of the Huanghai Tributary, the wide and open sky, and the craggy peaks…. Do not miss the well-acclaimed Eight Wonders of Dagushan Mountain: the Ziye Sacred Spring Well, BanFu Temple, Generation Gingko, the Ancient Stele with no epitaph, the Solitary Opera House, the Primary Shrine, the Unique Brick Carvings and the Synthesis of Three Religions. The eight star Wonders are popular tourist attractions and become must-see tourist destinations.

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there are special bus lines from Dandong to Dagu Mountain with Donggang in the middle.

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7: 00-16: 30

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Suggested Touring Hours: 3 hours

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