Dalu Island

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The highest peak of Dalu Mountain has an altitude of 229.3 meters. The forest coverage of Dalu Island is 87.5% with the total wood reserve of 3300 cubic meters. There are about 100 kinds of plants, such as ginkgo, camphor, black pine, redwood, Japan Cedar, etc. They are from 204 families and 534 genus, and have basically developed into quality land coverings characterized by deciduous and foliage forest.

The extended parts of Yandang Mountain Range once sank into the sea, but later a portion of those parts emerged out of seawater and formed today’s Dalu Island. The island is mainly composed of volcano rocks of Late Jurassic Age. Through the erosion of ocean waves and denudation of wind, the volcano rocks became grotesque caves and reef shoals in various shapes.

The forest, the wide sea, and rock sculptures along the shore demonstrate the fantastic scenery of mountains and sea with unique flavor. By now there have been 20 tourist resorts and 77 scenic spots. Among them eight are listed as supernatural  tourist attractions, namely, the Longyou Cave, Suoqiao Bridge Scenery, Baxianguohai (eight immortals crossing the sea), 500 arhats, Shouxing (symbol of longevity)Rock, Fishing Man Cave, Luanshichuankong (the shuttling stones in the air), and Qianfe (one thousand Buddha statues) Shrine. Besides there are inscriptions of many figures, including Liu Haili, Sha Menghai, Lu Yanshao, Zhu Jizhan, Qian Jun and so on.

Dalu Island enjoys broad sea, fresh air and rich diversities of seashells such as whelk, barnacle, oyster, and Kwan-yin. Tourists here can enjoy the delicious seafood to their heart content.

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Every hour there is shift of passenger car from Hangzhou East Station to Yuhuan. Tourists can first take a bus in Yuhuan County, and then take a yacht in half an hour. Tourists can drive their own cars on Yongtaiwen Highway until Daxing Exit, and then drive for Yuhuan County until Yingdong Mock. After that tourists should take a ship to the destination: Dalu Island.

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all the day

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Suggested Touring Hours: half a day

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