Duanqiao Bridge on Yalu River

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The Duanqiao Bridge on Yalu River which is found in Liaoning Province is a location which is unlike any other infrastructure. Aside form being a symbol of the progress in the place, this is also a monument which represents the successful bond between Chinese and Koreans. 
Originally, the Duanqiao Bridge on Yalu River is built as a railway bridge. Now, it is an infrastructure which is also considered as a popular tourist attraction. It is visited by a lot of people who aim to explore various parts of the Liaoning Province. 

Things to Do 

Digging Into the Importance of the Bridge

The Duanqiao Bridge on Yalu River is also referred to as the Sino-Korean or China-Korean Friendship Bridge. It represents the union of these two countries when it comes to protecting their sovereignty and liberation. 
It was in 1943 when the Japanese soldiers attempted to invade the north eastern part of China and Korea. During this period, the Japanese also built another bridge which is situated in the upper section of the Yalu River. In the years 1950 up to 1951, there was intense battle which occurred within the vicinity. Hence, both bridges were badly destroyed. When the bombing ceased, there were only four piers which remained standing within the first bridge. This was the reason why it was named as Duanquiao which also translates to damaged or severed. 

Reconstruction and Preservation

Today, the Duanqiao Bridge on Yalu River is valued by the government because of its historical significance. Aside from that, this is also a spot which pushes the tourism within the province because of its strategic location. When guests stay here, they can enjoy the view of the surrounding waters and the magnificent horizon. 
Because of the importance of the Duanqiao Bridge on Yalu River, this was reconstructed in 1993. The main reason why the bridge is painted in blue is because this serves as a reminder of the time when Japanese soldiers attempted for invasion. It also embodies the undying hope and belief of both Koreans and Chinese. Interestingly, even if the bridge has gone through restoration, the bullet holes and some damages which were caused by the war were left on the structure. These do not really weaken the bridge. They were left there to echo its role in the history of China and Korea. 

Impressive View

The Duanqiao Bridge on Yalu River measures 944 meters long and 11 meters wide. This also has 12 tiers of support which make the overall look even more interesting. The bridge now serves as a connection between cities of Dandong in China and Sinuiju in Korea. There are only a few ways to enter Korea from China and this is one of the most convenient methods. 
For tourists, they spend some time by the Duanqiao Bridge on Yalu River. This is a good spot to enjoy the view without buildings and structures which could block the horizon. 
Some also use telescopes to extend their view. There is so much beauty that lies ahead of the bridge. The telescopes in the Duanqiao Bridge on Yalu River can also give guests a glimpse of Korea because it is just at the other end. 
With the cool gust of wind which blows through the Duanqiao Bridge on Yalu River, this a place which can also be the perfect place to free the mind from all the worries, even for just a few minutes. 

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near Yalujiang Duan Qiao, Dandong, Liaoning Province

How to Get There?

Bus route 6 and 21

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All year round

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Make sure to check out the telescopes which showcase the view in Korea. 

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