North Korea tour

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Day Place Traffic Schedule Hotel
1 Dandong
Pyongyang Train Meet at 8:00, undertake outbound procedure. Go to Siniuju by train or bus,transact inbound procedure。Travel to Pyongyang by local Korean train, and check into the hotel after dinner (19:00) Yanggakdo
2 Pyangyong-
Pyangyong BUS Go to Panmunjom in Kaesong,visit Armistice negotiating Hall、the D.M.Z Military line, Koryo Museum. Go back to Pyongyang in the afternoon, visit the Tower of Juche Idea , the Tower of Juche Idea Triumphal Arch、Mansudae Monument、Cholima Statue。Mass games in May Day stadium. Yanggakdo
3 Pyangyong
Mt. Myohang
Pyangyong BUS Go to Mt. Myohang,visit International Friendship Exhibition Hall。Go back to Pyongyang after lunch、visit the world’s deepest subway —Pyongyang subway; Kim IL Sung’s Birthplace in Mangyongdae; Kim IL Sung Square. Youth palace or school。 Yanggakdo
4 Pyongyang
Siniuju Dandong Train Shopping time in export shop。Go to Siniuju at 10:00,undertake outbound procedure then travel back to China.

Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?
Train or Flight

Ticket Price:
700 Euros

Opening Hours:
April to December

More Tips:
“Arirang”-Mass Game Ticket:VIP:300E/P,First class:150E/P,Common 100E/P (Starting from August) The price includes:visa, inbound/outbound procedures, reception and accommodation in Korea, meals, guides, travel agencies liability insurance. The fee does not include: tips for N Korean guides;“Arirang” ticket;loss caused by force majeure (please ensure you have your own insurance); re-entry visa into China (please ensure you have a double entry Chinese visa). **The schedule starts and ends at Dandong

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