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Taiping Gulf Scenic Spot

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/5

Taiping Gulf Scenic Spot is famous both for the wonderful scenery of Yalu River and grand water conservancy project—Taiping Gulf Power Plant Dam which connects China with DPRK. Here tourists can know about the whole process of electricity generation, experience the exotic flavor of DPRK, and enjoy the delicious seafood from Yalu River. Moreover, the scenic spot is equipped with complete recreation facilities, such as luxurious yacht, natural fishing site, standard swimming pool, etc, and comfortable environment for accommodation. Thanks to the favor of great nature and efforts of erectors, Taiping Gulf Scenic Spot presents to us the distillation of landscapes featuring quietness, elegance, grandness, and mystery.

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How to Get There?
there are passenger cars available from Dandong Long-distance Passenger Transportation Station, and they start respectively at 8: 00, 8: 40, 9: 40, 13: 10, 14: 30, and 15: 00. It is a one-hour trip from the station to the scenic spot and only costs 7.5 Yuan. Buses from Dandong to Kuandian will pass by Taiping Gulf.

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Opening Hours:
9: 00---17: 00

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Suggested Touring Hours: three hours

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