Tiger Mountain Great Wall

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Hushan Mountain (i.e. Tiger Mountain) was formerly known as Hu’er Mountain (Hu’er means tiger’ ears in Chinese). It was so named to indicate that its two side-by-side peaks looked like the pricked ears of a tiger. It was later changed to 'Hushan Mountain’ in Qing Dynasty.

Hushan Mountain covers an area of 4 square meters with the highest peak measuring 146.3 meters high. A beacon tower on the mountain top provides a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain areas: Yizhou City in the jurisdiction of Korea, Shazhou County of Mashi City under jurisdiction of China, and the Yalu River Bridge that connects Dandong City and Xinyi County.

It’s about ten minutes’ travel from the city to Hushan Mountain. The future of Hushan Mountain as a tourist attraction will incorporate sightseeing, distraction activities, holiday-making and scientific researches into its grand tourist programs to appeal to tourists both at home and from abroad.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Tiger Mountain Great Wall locates on the north-east of dandong city, 15km from downtown.

How to Get There?
Bus 15 is available to Hushan. Besides, passenger cars from Kuandian to Jiangbian will pass by Hushan Mount Great Wall.

Ticket Price:

The ticket is ¥60, if you want to visit the Museum, ¥10 for extra.

Opening Hours:
7: 00----19: 00

More Tips:
Suggested Touring Hours: 3 hours

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