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Wulongbei Hot springs

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Wulongbei Scenic area is endowed with rich resources of hot spring and is therefore a famous natural sanitarium. The widely spread hot springs spew all over the year and the spring water is clear with a color of light green. The average temperature varies from 4.2 ℃to 78 ℃.  The spring water has a little smell of sulfur and therefore features alkalescene. It contains bicarbonate, 40 minerals (such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Titanium), and a little berkelium. These ingredients of the hot springs are very effective for the treatment of arthritis, neuralgia, rheumatism, dermatitis, etc, and have been recorded into Dictionary of Nouns in Chinese.

As early as 651 BC, people first started bating in the hot springs of Wulong Mountain. During the colonized period of Liaoning Province by Japanese invaders, Wulongbei Hot Spring, Tanggangzi Hot Spring of Anshan, and Xiongyue City Hot Spring of South Liaoning were reputed as the three best hot springs. After the liberation of Liaoning, a series of hospitals and hotels were built up continuously, such as No. 240 Chinese People’s Liberation Army Hospital, Liaoning Rongjun Sanitorium, Dandong Hot Spring Hotel, and Tianchi Hotel. National leaders, like Zhude, Ye Jianying and Nie Rongzhen, once visited the scenic spot.

Solo Adventure Tips:


in the northwestern suburb, 25 kilometers away from Dandong City

How to Get There?
Bus No. 11 and 18 are available to the scenic spot.

Ticket Price:

50 yuan per person

Opening Hours:
8: 00---24: 00 in summer and 8: 00---21: 00 in winter.

More Tips:
Suggested Touring Hours: three hours

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