Yalujiang River Park

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Yalu River Park is characterized by exuberant trees, amorous flowers, elegant pavilions and terraces, long and winding mazes, as well as vivid artificial mountains and corridors, etc. There are Peony Garden, Hibiscus Garden, China Rose Garden and so on. Each year in the blooming season the gardens will receive numerous bees and butterflies. Moreover, the park is equipped with new and complete recreation facilities. Yachting on the clear Yalu River, tourists can enjoy their heart content the fantastic fairyland-like scenery which makes them even reluctant to leave.

Yalu River is the boundary river of the People’s Republic of China and DPRK. It originates from Changbai Mount of Jilin Province, crosses Liaoning Province and two water channels of North Korea, and meets Huanghai River at Donggang Port of Dandong. It extends for 795 kilometers, accompanied by beautiful scenery all the way. It reminds people of the long history of Yalu River, the rise and fall of the past kingdoms, the war against Japanese invaders, the Russian-Japanese War and disasters, etc. the Bridge of Friendship between China and North Korea and Duanqiao Bridge are just like brothers in adversity, standing upright shoulder to shoulder with each other. Looking from afar, shooting traces of bullet and cannon on them remain clearly, reminding you of the flames of war in that period.

Solo Adventure Tips:


at the riverside of Yalujiang River, in the center of Dandong City

How to Get There?
Bus No. 6 and No. 21 are available to the park.

Ticket Price:


Opening Hours:
half a day

More Tips:

1. The best time to visit it is from April to October.

2. The train station and the long-distance bus station are very near to the park,  taking about 2 yuan to get to the park by  rickshaw.

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