Dandong Travel Guide

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Dandong Overview

Dangdong was originally known as Andong. It was the seat of a protector-general (a military duty assignment to preside over submitted alien people) in Tang Dynasty and a strategically important border town of military significance. Dangdong was later opened as a port for foreign trade by the then government, which set the pace for its industrialization process to take off and rapid development of its urban businesses. In no time it became the goods traffic node for Liaoning province and east of Jilin province as well. Since then it earned itself the name of "window of import and export".

As the largest seaboard city on the northern border of China, Dandong is naturally endowed, historically imbued and culturally cultivated. It is well known for its scenic beauty and spots of historical interest.

Fifty years ago, belting out aloud the lyrics of a marching song " March on dauntlessly and march on courageously", tens of thousands of Chinese troops fearlessly crossed the Yalu River to fight for the nation and to defeat the invasion from the western power. The once calm waters of Yalu River suddenly attracted worldwide attentions.

Yalu River, flanked on both sides by China and Korea, boasts numerous natural and cultural attractions such as vast and stunningly beautiful Shuifeng Lake, the Hushan Great Wall, the bullet-scarred Duanqiao Bridge ocross the Yalu River for memory of the war. It is the northernmost watershed that separates the sea from the river along the 18,000 kilometer-long coastline.

The city of Dandong has established friendly relationship with Korea's tourism authority at the national level and has been offering tourist programs in Korea, which appeals very much to tourists both from home and abroad.

Area Code: 0415
Postcode: 118000
Nationalities: there are about 29 ethnic minorities living in this area. The biggest minority groups are Manchu, Mongol, Hui, and Korean. Interestingly, 32% of the minority population is Korean.

Administration: Dandong runs a jurisdiction over three districts: Yuanbao, Zhenxing and Zhen'an. Donggang and Xincheng, and kuandian Manchu are its autonomous regions at the national level.

The symbolic flower of Dandong: Azalea

The symbolic tree of Dandong: Gingko 

Top Things to Do in Dandong

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Dandong Travel Guide

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posted by "113.229.246.*" at 6/11/2011 3:07:00 AM

Contact me if you need any help around dandong or liaoning province, I am a tour and bording guide speak English and Chinese, provide business services my email is woy90@yahoo.com see you soon


posted by "cbonnal" at 3/27/2011 3:45:00 AM

I went from Dandong to North Korea by train and visited North Korea for 4 days, which is the only reason I went to Dandong. Dandong is the average ugly chinese city, with not much to do. Food was very good, with many korean restaurants.I went to the Jiumenkou great wall section, which was ok with a beautiful view on the Yalu River and North Korea. I also went on a mini cruise on the Yalu River, but the North Korea you see from Dandong (industrialized and ugly scenery) has nothing to do with the scenery you see in North Korea (beautiful countryside...since the country is not industrialized at all ; except a few Pyongyang, I never saw any factories, though the only thing you see of North Korea from Dandong are...factories)


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