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Xiangyuan Hot Spring Resort

Last updated by joyce at 2016/4/28

Xiangyuan Hot Spring Resort is located in the southeast of Dao County, 59 kilometers from Dao County, which is near Jianghua autonomous county of the Yao nationality in the south and near Jiuyishan National Forest Park in the east. Xiangyuan Hot Spring Resort is very mountainous, with the annual precipitation of about 1,500 mm. The area enjoys subtropical monsoon climate, featuring distinct mountain climate, with the annual average temperature is about 19℃. Xiangyuan Hot Spring Resort is characterized by relatively warm winters and comparatively cool summers, which can be ranked as an ecological tourist area integrating avoiding summer heat, taking a leisurely life, hunting and exploration. Entering into the resort, you will feel and experience the natural beauty for yourself, flowing waterfall, a sea of bamboos, red flowers in full bloom and green trees coming into view.

Xiangyuan Hot Spring was developed in the year 1975. According to national environmental analysis and national water conservancy supervision and inspection center, the water temperature is constant throughout the year, which is 42℃. Besides, it contains 16 kinds of trace elements that are necessary for humans, with special therapeutic effect on a number of diseases. The whole hot spring area covers an area of 600 square meters. At present, there are two hot spring pools, including one for winter and the other for summer and autumn. Besides, there are 20 VIP pools.

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