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Dupangling National Nature Reserve

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Dupangling National Nature Reserve covers an area of 20,066 hectare, mainly comprising subtropical evergreen forest. Located in the central part of Mt. Nanling, Dupangling, National Nature Reserve features lofty mountains, steep hills and deep valleys. The highest peak is 2009.3 meters above sea level. There are hundreds of hills with the evaluation of over one thousand meters. The forest vegetation in the area is well preserved, and Dupangling nature reserve is rich in biological resources, including .a number of national key protection plants, such as fir, Taxus Mairei, Bretschneidera sinensis, Emmenopterys henryi and tulip tree. Besides, the area also has plentiful wild animal resources, among which, there are 25 species of animals that are under the state’s key protection, such as Shinisaurus crocdilurus, clouded leopard, python, stump-tailed macaque and sambar.

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