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Guizailing Sacrifice Site

Last updated by joyce at 2016/4/25

Guizailing is located in Tianguangdong Village of Dao County in Yongzhou City, where thousands of stone statues which had been buried in the ground surface were discovered. The stone statuses have stretched across a number of dynasties. In a long period, Guizailing is ranked as a forbidden area, and people can go there for sacrifice when there were disasters and chaos caused by war. Based on authenticate, the oldest ones are thousands of years early than the terracotta warriors. The largest stone statues are about 1 meter long and the smallest ones are about 30 centimeter. The lengths for most of the stone statures range from 40 cm to 80cm. Some of the stone statues’ facial contours are clear, and some are fuzzy. The figures of the stone statues have the appearance of warriors in the ancient times. They wear armors with sharp swords in their hands. It’s still a puzzle until now about those stone statues.

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