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Dumeng Grassland

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The Dumeng Grassland is a captivating area which is found about 57 kilometers from the busy Daqing City. Interestingly, even if this place is just a few minutes away from the urbane areas, the surroundings exude a relaxing vibe. 
The history of this place can be dated back to 4,000 years ago. Back then, this land was already considered as valuable, especially to the inhabitants of the area because of the lush grassland. It has always been known as the place where abundant plants can be grown because of the soil’s richness. Aside from that, this area also has good amount of water supply which makes it possible to grow plants and trees with ease. 
Back in 1956, the Mongolian Autonomy of Durbote was founded within this site. Since then, this location has changed its name several times. Initially it was labeled as Daqing Turf which was eventually changed to Daqing Prairie Turf. Until recently, the name Dumeng Grassland was officially adapted by the place. 

Things to Do 

Over the years, the Dumeng Grassland may have changed a lot but the good thing is that its natural beauty is still preserved. The place is maintained with all the greeneries and the prairie remains tranquil with its quintessential beauty. 
The notable significance of the Dumeng Grassland is the population of animals which are being raised and taken cared of in this place. It is an area that is manned with professional herders and animal raisers so that the goats, lambs and other types of farm animals will be able to breed here. 
Aside from the usual farm animals, the most important ones that are being raised in Dumeng Grassland are the horses. The place even hires expert riders and horse breeders to ensure that the horses are more than just healthy. These animals are also conditioned to meet international racing standards. 
A wide area of the Dumeng Grassland is also considered as a training ground for the horses. Yes, the horses are also being prepared for competition not just locally, but also abroad. That is why, it is important that their health and condition is always at its best. 

In-House Entertainment

During Saturdays and Sundays, the Dumeng Grassland prepares for an entertainment which they dedicate for their guests. Since a lot of people flock to this area for some unwinding, they also prepare the horses to mimic the international racing scene. 
This is done purely as performance for the visitors. It is also a competition but more of a friendly one that is made all for excitement and thrill of the people in the Dumeng Grassland and the tourists. 

Leisure and Relaxation

For people who live in the city, being in Dumeng Grassland is like a breather. The place offers many spots where one can just sit and relax. This tourist destination stretches up to thousands of hectares. That is why, within its fences are reed marsh, lakes and forests. 
Tourists often find themselves wandering along greeneries which never seem to end because the view of the horizon promises more lush greens. Some are also able to set-up their picnic blankets and spend an afternoon with the entire family, just relaxing and eating. 
It could be a great destination for individuals who are seeking some peace of mind and a break from all the hustle and bustle of the city. For families, bringing the kids here would be a wonderful idea too because the little ones will be able to see animals and they can also run around the area. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Dumeng Grassland is located about 57 kilometers from the heart of Daqing City

How to Get There?

Go to Taikang Station by train or to Durbote by car, and then take a taxi to the scenic spot.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

All year round

More Tips:

The best time to go to this place is during the summer or autumn to be able to enjoy the outdoors. 

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