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Surrounding Lake Scenic Area

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The Surrounding Lakes Scenic Area consists of 18 lake areas, covering a total area of 580 square kilometers. One of the most standout features of this zone is the more than 220 water fowls of more than 40 varietes that live here.

The first international water fowl hunting square in China can be found in the Puzzle Ring Lakes Scenic Area. They can also be hunted, bringing hunting enthusiasts from both China and around the world to this wonderful site. The biggest thrill is being able to go hunting using live ammunition. 

The group named the Puzzle Ring Lakes consists of a series of 18 small shallow lakes in a wetland, set in the shape of a puzzle ring. The names of the lakes are also very vivid: Habuta Lake, Talahongtang, Maquanpao, Delongpao, Beijinpao, Yangcaohaopao, Xihulupao, and more. The average depth of the lakes is only half a meter, and the deepest spot is only 2 meters. There is also a freshwater plant which is the largest in the province.
Riyue Island, with an area of merely 1 square kilometer, is located 13 kilometers from the western range of lakes. When the water rises, the island takes the form of a round sun; when the water is low, it resembles the curved moon. Visitors may enjoy the natural landscapes here, as well as various entertainment and tourism resources.
Indeed, the wide water areas of the Surrounding Lakes Scenic Area seem to connect intimately with the sky. Under the blue skies and rosy clouds, the grasses and plants along the banks become alive and dance verdantly in the sunlight. Fish swim to the shallow bottoms, and gulls fly overhead. The wind blows through the reeds to form waves on land, and those in the water over the duckweed. The wetland is incredibly unique to China and attracts many people to travel from around and further.


1. When to visit: The best time to visit the Surrounding Lakes Scenic Area is May, June, July, August, and September.
2. Activities: There are many recreational activities, such as boating, yachting, riding in sampans, swimming, bathing, and more.
3. Eating: There are more than 40 varieties of fish in the Puzzle Ring Lakes. Banquets with dishes made with fresh fishes is unique to this area.
4. Access: Visitors can hire a car at the town of Taikang, 26 kilometers away, in order to reach the Puzzle Ring Lakes. It is recommended to make arrangements in advance to take the same vehicle back to town later in the day or another day. A one-way ride should cost 100 RMB. The journey down the mountain is truly one to behold!

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one can get off at Taikan Stop and take another bus to get to the scenic spot, which is 25 kilometers away.

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