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Daqing Travel Guide

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Daqing Overview

Daqing lies in the central part of Songnen plain in northern China. Its oild field is one of the top ten oilfields in the world. It also has the most attractive Sandy Elm Wetland in China. Daqing and its surrounding areas boast a lake area of 50,000 sq. kms. These lakes are teemed with musels, shrimps, algaes, and fish ect. Crude oil was found from oil-rich reserves resulting from deposits of fossils of 6000 meters deep which had 100 million years in the making. Thanks to the unique rich geographical resources, Daqing oil field, China’s largest oil filed, was born. Around the city of Daqing there is a large marshland of reed that spans tens of thousands hectares. A network of water courses cirsscrosses the marshland aboundant with seas of reed. It is home to hundreds of thousands cranes, storks, wild geese and waterfowls that attract tourists all year round. Daquing covers an area of 21,494 sq.lks, of which the urban area is 5,107 sq.kms. Its total population is 2.429 million people with 1.04 million living in the city.

Area Code: 0459

Post Code:163000

Administration areas: five districts: Saertu, Honggang, Ranghuru, Longfeng and Datong,; four counties: Zhaozhou, Zhaoyuan, Lindian and Duerbote.