Daqing Transport

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Air Transport

It takes only two hours and more to travel from Daqing City to the two airplanes of Harbin and Qiqihar respectively. 

Ticket Office of Airline

Civil airline Chengji Building ticket office:
Xibin Road Ranghu Road District
Phone number: 6358999

Daqing City North China Swan Airline Ticket Office:
Sartu District New Community No.7 District
Phone number: 6387222

Daqing City Airline Service Company:
No. 14 Xiliu Ranghu Road District
Phone number: 6345838

Railway Transport

There are two railways running across in Daqing City. One railway which connects Harbin and Manchuria runs from east to west. The other railway which is from Ranghu Road in the urban area to Menggu-Liaoning in the south offers trains leading to Beijing , Harbin, etc.

Information office of the railway station: 0459-5886680


The network of the road is convenient leading to everywhere. Roads to the other province are National Highway No. 301, Whole-sealing Highway from Daqing City to Harbin , Roads from Mingshui to Shenyang, etc. It takes only one hour and more by bus from Harbin to Daqing City along Harbin-Daqing Bus Exclusive Lane. There are three passenger stations in Daqing City, where there are buses traveling to places within the province and to the other province, such as Shenyang, Harbin, Qiaihar, etc.

The address of the bus stations and their phone numbers:

Daqing Long-distance Bus Station: No. 4 Huizhan Street Sa District; Phone number:6652111; phone number for hiring a car to travel: 6669999

Daqing Bus Station Zhongqi Road Branch: No. 62 Zhongqi Road Sa District; Phone number: 5813967、6669805

Daqing Bus Station Longfeng Branch: Phone number-6244426

City Transportation


In daytime, it costs 1.5 RMB per kilometer by taxi with the brand of Xiali before 10:00 pm and 1.7 RMB after. It costs 1.6 RMB per kilometer by taxi of other brands before 10:00 am and 1.8 RMB after.

Daqing Longyun Taxi Service Ltd.: phone number of reserving: 6669999


There are nearly 50 bus routes in the urban area, ten of which are routes of mini-passenger car charging 1 RMB per person.

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