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Village of Oroquen Nationality

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The Oroquen Nationality is considered as a minority among ethnic nationalities in the northern part of China. Among the places which are considered as their habitat include the Baiyinna Town which is found in Huma County, the western part of Tahe Town and the southern part of the Hanjiayuanzi Town which also reaches the Huma River. 

In the area which is considered as the Village of Oroquen Nationality, there are more than 500 people who are legitimately considered as Oroquen. They reside among people who are mostly Han Nationality and other ethnic groups. 

Things to Do

Rustic Lifestyle Immersion

People who visit the Village of Oroquen Nationality get the chance to witness and immerse into the rich tradition of the locals. This means experiencing their day to day way of living which is far different from the busy hustle and bustle of the city. Individuals who are looking for an escape from all the noise in urbane areas would have a really splendid time in Village of Oroquen Nationality. 
The Oroquen people practice the Shaman Religion. Their faith involves belief in polytheism which means worshipping multiple gods. One of which is the Mountain God. 
Among the usual activities which tourists can witness are the traditional lifestyle of the locals which involves hunting and fishing. For some, it is not enough to just observe the locals. Instead, they actually join and try out their way of living to discover deeper understanding about their culture. True enough, such activities can be such a breather, especially for those who are constantly bugged by their hectic schedule in the city.

Mohe River

Aside from immersing into the lifestyle of the people in Village of Oroquen Nationality, another great thing to do is to enjoy the amazing view of the Mohe River which is close by. The word “Mo” in Chinese means dark and the main reason why this is called as such is because it has really dark waters. This location is known for having a constantly cold temperature. Hence, it is also labeled as the Chinese Arctic Town. 
The Vicinity of the Mohe River is absolutely picturesque. Its remoteness allows tourists to have a really peaceful stay. The southern part of the Mohe River is decorated by graceful slopes of the mountain.

Rogue River

This river is such a jaw-dropping sight because of its impressive curved path where crystal clear water flows. This is also known as the Old Gold Stream and it stretches up to 14 kilometers. The main reason why this river is very popular is because its bed is rich in gold reserves. Yes, the bed of sand in this river has been sifted and filtered many times. However, because of the immense amount of gold which runs through it, people can still acquire some more gold up to this day. For tourists, even if they are not able to sift some gold, merely seeing its loveliness is an experience that can not be forgotten. 

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How to Get There?

Tourists can go there by train from Jiagdaqi or Mohe to Tahe Station, and then travel by bus to Baiyinna Town.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

Having the opportunity to mingle with the locals in Village of Oroquen Nationality is an opportunity which can be enjoyed all year round. 

More Tips:

The best time to go to Village of Oroquen Nationality is during the month of August. This is the time when the weather is pleasant and there would be a lot of opportunities to join in the outdoor activities of the locals. The 6th of August is an important date in the village because it is when they hold an impressive campfire party which allows the locals and tourists to have so much fun.

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