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Baili Gorge in Xuanhan County

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The Baili Gorge is 110kilometers away from the county seat, bordering Chenkou County, Wanyuan County, and Kai County. Covering an area of 105 square meters, the scenic area comprises of two parts: Baili Gorge and Jiangkou Lake. With an altitude varying from 452meters to 2148meters, Baili Gorge occupies 65 square meters and is 140kilometers in length. With odd-shaped mountains, clean and clear rivers, clusters of limestone caves, numerous valuable animals, abundant and rare plants, clumps of peaks soaring into the clouds, and a-ray-narrowed deep valleys, Baili Gorge is harmoniously beautiful surrounded by mountains with rivers running through. There are ten scenic spots with various features and their own styles: Parties of Hundred Beasts, Fairy Cave, Guanyin Cave, Southern Heaven Gate, Double-Dragon Waterfall, Old Huangshan Mountain, Rhinoceros Gazing at the Moon, One-Ray Sky, Coiling-Dragon Cave and Rooster Crows, which add beauty to each other and constitute a whole perfect and harmonious scene.

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Tourist can climb up to the Baili Gorge along Zhou river by imported luxury bus.

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Recommended Time for Travel: A whole day

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